(This recording is of an earlier version of the piece with electronics and piano, and less percussion):

Aidan Gold, percussion; William Mapp, percussion; Stephanie Lee, piano

“A Winter Dream” is a piece for percussion ensemble that consists of several different mysterious, dreamy textures that have a wintery quality to them. The piece is almost entirely without strict rhythm or meter- many of the gestures and events are played at random times, as part of a texture. The piece uses several more unusual percussion instruments such as a crystal glass, as well as techniques such as singing and whistling which produce beautiful and haunting effects.

The score is not notated traditionally- each player has a part of the page with directions with what to do for each section. There are some traditionally notated parts that are referred to by the main score, but mostly events happen at random times for a certain duration, and then the players move on to the next section.

For additional information, questions, or parts requests, contact Aidan.