Performed by David Norgaard, Ed Cuneen, Calib Byers and Mason Lynass, conducted by Aidan Gold

River Echo is a piece for percussion ensemble that explores variable instrumentation, indeterminacy, and complex rhythmic relationships. Four players pick their own pitched, semi-pitched, and unpitched instruments, and use them in various game-like interactions and canons throughout the piece.

The piece functions like a river, with the various tempos ebbing and flowing against each other. Rhythmic fragments echo from one player to another, until coalescing into a sea of rhythmic pulses.

One of the indeterminate elements used in this piece is the ability to randomly pick a certain amount of notes to actually play- sometimes determined on the spot by the conductor. This piece also features different players using different rhythmic interpretations of the same pulse to branch off into different tempos yielding complex polyrhythms.

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