performed by Yuyu Ikeda.

Once upon a time, a violinist decided to wander onto a stage, perhaps to play some silly new piece of music, or maybe just to improv to their heart’s content. However, they quickly discover that they are not alone – they share the stage with several other mysterious creatures: an otter, a porcupine, and a few objects that seem strangely out of place. The violinist eyes them warily. Are these creatures alive? Are they going to do something? Why are they waking up? It just so happens that these characters are in a talkative mood. Now the violinist must navigate the most difficult challenge of them all – social interaction. Each character has their own personality, and their own way of interpreting and responding to what the violinist says and does. Will the violinist be able to connect in conversation with each one? Will the violinist manage to not make any of them upset? Will the violinist be able to control the conversation without accidentally triggering a sonic apocalypse? Find out soon!

Many thanks to Mari Kimura for her mentorship and MUGIC motion sensor used in this piece!

Score (pdf):

For additional information, questions, or parts requests, contact Aidan.