Performed by Valerie Kim, Violin; Gabrielle Chou, Violin; Lindan Burns, Viola; Jiaxun Yao, Cello

Performed by the JACK Quartet: Christopher Otto, Violin; Austin Wulliman, Violin; John Pickford Richards, Viola; Jay Campbell, Cello

A lot goes through our heads when we perform music. We constantly make interpretive decisions – asking and answering questions such as: How do we phrase this? What color do we want here? What is our role in the texture at this moment? We also think strategically, counting and subdiving in different places and listening to reference points for intonation. Lots of logistical thoughts also go through our heads, like is our music stand too far away, are we facing the correct way on stage, is the microphone actually picking up our sound, etc.

But what does that sound like?

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