Performed by: Sadie McLeod, violin; Steven Baloue, viola 1; Mark Kliesen, viola 2; Vicky Cai, piano

In this piece, the performers traverse a physical board in front of them made of various prompts, which they respond to by playing fragments of important pieces of music from their lives ­– the first piece they ever learned on their instrument, the favorite song of a parent or childhood friend, a piece they played for an audition, a piece they are very proud of, etc. Through these fragments we hear a story of their musical life form and intertwine with the other musicians.  A pulse in the background, played by the instruments not currently responding to prompts, represents our continuous journey through time as we hear these stories pass by.

This piece is for any instrumentation, but currently the only available background clock cells are for violin, viola, and piano. More possible instruments will be added in the future.

For additional information, questions, or parts requests, contact Aidan.