(No recording of Movement I)

Movement II:

Performed by Aidan Gold, Percussion; and Stephanie Lee, Piano.

Dilation of Time is a two-movement duet for Piano and Percussion. The first movement features an unchanging set of pitches and plays with the color of the vibraphone and the piano. The second movement is about several processes, some of which appear to be in apparent conflict with one another- moving from dissonance to consonance while simultaneously moving from using only two pitches to using all twelve, moving from high register to low register, loud to soft, and the apparent slowing down of time without the tempo ever actually slowing down. However, these processes do not occur smoothly: twice the opening returns, pushing the processes back to the beginning, except each time the processes become faster. Then, the opening returns transformed, the melody in the glockenspiel harmonized by distant tonal chords in the bottom of the piano, giving the originally mechanical and unemotional gesture a sense of vastness, awe, and a profound calm which permeates the last section of the piece.

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