The piece was performed by the Seattle Symphony. Here is an excerpt of their recording:

(Performers: Wesley Schulz, conductor; Brian Chin, C trumpet; Jessica Choe, piano; Ryan Wagner, bass trombone; Karen Sunmark, timpani & percussion; André Goodrich, horn; Sammy Lesnick, Bb/Eb clarinet & Bb bass clarinet; Judson Scott, C trumpet; Seth Tompkins, tuba; Michael Werner, percussion; Janet Putnam, oboe and English horn)

Fanfare Landscape is a piece for Brass Quintet, Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, and Percussion that was written for the 2016 Seattle Symphony Young Composers Workshop. It is a dramatic piece based on two different “fanfares”: a rising, chordal fanfare and a rhythmically jagged arpeggio fanfare that alternates between two minor triads a half step apart. These fanfares permeate many different “landscapes” of sound- the threatening weight of the opening, the hesitant playfulness of the percussion and piano interlude, the mystery and wonder of the dream-like English horn and piano solos in the center of the piece, the desperate, out-of-control presto, and the awe-inspiring power of the conclusion. The rising fanfare returns four times to outline each of the main sections of the work, becoming more slow and powerful each time.

Specific instrumentation details are in the second page of the score.

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